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[ profile] liliaeth asked for the Buffy/Spike scene from Beneath You.

Follow me... )

You can still request a scene here. Non-Buffy requests totally encouraged! TVD anyone? SPN? Don't let me waste tiny Damon and Dean's leather jacket! Pretty please?
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Good grief.

Although it's sad he died and all, Steve Jobs  was CEO of a company that would like you to keep slavishly buying it's (admittedly very) shiny consumer products so they can roll around naked in your money, he is not some deity.

World get a grip.

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I haven't forgotten this silly project!

I've had some issues with laziness and not quite having suitable outfits, but I think this is about there.

As requested by [ profile] quinara and [ profile] shapinglight

Barbie Buffy Fool For Love (large image) )

You can still request a scene here. Non-Buffy requests totally encouraged!
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Light shed on bisexual and promiscuous deep-sea squid

'By studying footage taken by underwater vehicles, US researchers have found that this rarely seen creature will often engage in same-sex mating.

They believe this is because encounters with potential mates in the dark depths are rare, and the squid may be unable to tell the sexes apart.'




Sep. 12th, 2011 09:13 pm
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So, I had a week off work. I was meant to go to Bath with my mum, but my dodgy knee basically scuppered that. So a staycation it was.

Was it productive? Not really. But I did go shopping, re-watched a season and a half of Roswell, finally had the doctors appointment for the dodgy knee (it only took two months of agony - I'm that good at procrastinating), was referred for physiotherapy and bought a fridge (hence tomorrow is an extra day off for me! Maybe I will get all the writing I had planned done...).

Also, on Saturday I attended the St Albans Crown Court Open Day. Whoo. I couldn't take any pictures, but I can now say I have been in a prison van and in court and in a cell block. Without the messy getting arrested part. it's a shame the mock court case was a sentencing for a minor drinking driving charge and not a juicy murder, but you can't have everything.

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I've just got around to finishing up this Sam wallpaper I created for an [ profile] spnland. It's about time I had a finished Sam one:

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My love affair with The Vampire Diaries continues apace, although I could have posted this about a month ago. I seem to be reluctant to post creative things these days.

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So tell me about your screen resolution! Future art projects my depend on your answers!

[Poll #1772069]

My reasons for asking come from resizing a new Vampire Diaries wallpaper to post. I was looking at the stats for my website to see if the average sizes had changed in the last few years as more people get widescreen monitors. I was suprised to see 800x600 still resolutely sticking in there. How come? Are many people still using CRT monitors? And how do netbooks come into it?

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Bad bacon wasn't even mildly naughty bacon after all. I still had to go to work.



Aug. 16th, 2011 10:17 pm
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I think I might have eaten some bad bacon, do you think it will kill me?

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There's a lot of sirens around Hemel Hempstead tonight. I live between the hospital and the fire station, so I hear them all, but there seems to be an awful lot now. I dare say as I live on a major cut through into the town from the residential areas, I will know pretty soon if something does kick off. Looking at the kids in the park now though, they seem very calm and more inclined to walk the dogs and kick a ball about than run amok.

It was very tense at work today and there have been a lot of rumours of trouble kicking off in the centre, but nothing seems to have happened, which is good because I needed toilet roll! I did pass a police cordon earlier, though I suspect that was due to an accident rather than disorder.

I wonder if PJ Harvey is now regretting calling her new album 'Let England Shake'...

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I've been glued to the rolling news on the BBC, utterly gobsmacked really, but I have to go to bed. It's just I've never seen anything like it and the news unfolds so quickly, so little gets repeated!

Hopefully, I'm far enough away in the home counties and I can't imagine Hemel as a simmering hotbed of tension, but then I think this all about opportunity not anger and all our police are probably heading south...

I did discover in all this who was to blame though:

If you're in London stay safe!

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My [ profile] sb_fag_ends post from last night:

Title: No Escape
Author: Bogwitch
Word Count: 602
Pairing: Spike/Buffy
Warnings: Sexual situations and language, R.
Spoilers: Post-Chosen sometime.
Summary: Written for the prompt ‘No Escape from Heaven’

No Escape )

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So [ profile] mguibord wanted Angel in Caritas from 'Judgement'.

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Now I have my computer back and working better, I can get on with this:

First up,[ profile] tabitha666 asked for the Buffy and Angel fight in Becoming Part II:

Under here... )

Anyone still interested in prompting me to do a scene from something in Barbie, go ahead!

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In the absence of having else to say (nothing’s happened here, except the death of my parent’s cat), I thought I might reveal a little sneak peak of something I’ve been working on and maybe ask you all to set me a challenge to fill the time before anything decent is back on the telly.

About a year ago I had the sudden urge to recreate Black Widow as a ‘live’ action comic using Barbie, Ken, CY, Sindy Numan™ and other similar dolls. I got the script done, created all the panels, bought in props as needed (mucho £££), built sets, started the photography, then it kind of stalled for various reasons (lighting issues (a bulb on the fairy lights went and I can’t be arsed to look through the Christmas dec boxes for a replacement), ‘flooring’ and working out how to build something that looked vaguely like a dumpster…).

For anyone familiar with the story, here’s a sample panel from the project:Snip! )

Anyway, I need to get the project finished and I need some motivation, so this is where the 'challenge me' bit comes in.

Give me a moment from the following and I will try to 'recreate it' in Barbie for a laugh*:

The Vampire Diaries
Dark Angel
Dead Like Me
Anything films etc that I've seen that don't have armour in them ETA: or period costume.


I might be open to having a crack at:

Doctor Who (if I can have a screencap)
Scenes from fics (please supply link)

*bearing in mind the limitations of Barbie and her chums, i.e. most aren’t that bendy, monsters are tricky (though I think I could do Lorne and Illyria) and older people don’t seem to exist. I do at least have a number of male dolls (plus a Spike). I will otherwise have to work with what I have.

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I’m watching the film Dorian Gray and I’m bored, it’s so slow, so I decided to while away the tedium and do some one line reviews of all the better films I’ve seen in the last couple of weeks:

Tangled – fun, I loved Rapunzel and her frying pan, but the love interest annoyed me a bit.

Blood on Satan’s Claw – the rape scene was unpleasant, but not quite as awful as I was expecting, otherwise it was actually a pretty good film.

Secret of Kells – I absolutely adored the quality animation and Aisling (and the cat) and I can’t think of anything negative to say about it.

Scott Pilgrim versus the World – the game aspect makes me smile every time, another film I adored.

ETA: Dorian Gray: ...snore... snore... Game of Thrones is way sexier than this... snore... ooh internet... snore ...Highgate!... snore... snore...
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That armed siege in Watford today, was at my bank! Not that I ever go in there (I think I've been in twice), but still, my branch, of my bank.

I did wonder if it was still open.

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When I threatened you all with something Vampire Diaries related, I didn't actually mean this soon, just something perhaps in the medium term. Maybe.

I doubt anyone will care, but hey ho, here it is anyway. And a fic about Mr Just Shy of Useless too. Somehow it's Stefan who has decided to discuss terms with the old muse. I like to make things difficult for myself.

Title: Blood, the Tooth and the Claw
Author: Bogwitch
Word Count: 616
Rating: Mature
Pairing: None
Characters: Stefan, Klaus
Warnings: Language, horror.
Spoilers: 2.22, As I Lay Dying
Summary: Stefan and the agony of ecstasy

Blood, the Tooth and the Claw (The Vampire Diaries) )

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Killer cucumbers, eh? I knew I didn't trust them.



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