Mar. 8th, 2016

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I seem to have missed all the friending fun as in the last couple of weeks I have been incredibly busy with preparations for a friend at work's wedding. Thankfully, that is now over and I can make a post too.

I want to get back to making more useless stuff and I have done a couple of things. I have always tinkered with jewllery, necklaces particularly as I don't have my ears pierced after the one I did get pierced went horribly crusty and bleugh, remaking them into new things as they fall apart. I can't resist a charity shop with a broken jewellery lucky dip! (I have a lot of beads for someone who doesn't like bead jewellery). My tastes tend towards the gothic, obvs.

The first things I made recently was a 1980s Siouxsie Sioux bracelet. It goes more or less from one end of the decade to the other:

Piccy )

It keeps breaking as the moon charm on the end is a bit too heavy, but its there to keep the bracelet on top of the wrist. I should probably replace it with a Star of David really, but as I am not Jewish that felt a bit inappropriate.

Why a Siouxsie bracelet? Well, why not! I was originally going to make a classic movie monsters bracelet, but then I decided there wasn't enough women, so I thought scream queens! But those are too much like victims. The next thought was Barbara Steele in Black Sunday, which then made me think of Sioux and then it was obvious what I was making. I have one more kit like this. I have no idea what to put in it yet. Barbara Steele might yet have her day.

Then on Sunday, I started on a bat necklace of ginormous proportions (9"/23cm)! it is based on this tutorial here, with some tweaks.
Pics of the monstrosity under the cut )

I really don't know where I would ever wear it or what with. I don't even think it would survive if I did. It is made of polymer clay and although it is quite thick it is still a bit bendy after an hour in the oven. I think its destiny is as a decoration.

Next up is a raven necklace like this but there won't be any pink on my bird. I will try to make it a reasonable size this time. I like these tutorials, they are very do-able by the sort of competent (unlike this amazing piece).

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