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I shouldn't sit on this any longer. So what if no one will care. :(

Title: Old Gods, New Bonds
Author: Bogwitch
Rating: PG
Characters: Illyria and Drogyn the Battlebrand (Gen)
Spoilers: Season 5, Power Play, you know the bit with the X Box
Word Count: 1700
Disclaimer: Illyria will accept no ownership from me. Characters were slightly harmed before the making of this fic, so don't blame me, blame Angel.
Summary: “You must adapt or return to your rest.”
Author's Note: I'm not very familiar with Crash Bandicoot as I spent about two minutes playing Crash Bandicoot 2 and got very bored. Oh why couldn't they have been playing Spyro? Therefore, I don't which game in the series they are supposed to be playing. My research concluded it had to be either Crash Nitro Kart or Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex,but neither seemed to entirely fit the script. Therefore, Crash fans will need a pinch of salt.

Old Gods, New Bonds )

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Thanks to everyone leaving me Birthday Wishes so far, [ profile] hesadevil and [ profile] calove for the cards, [ profile] lillianmorgan(Tentacles!), [ profile] calove (2xtentacles) and [ profile] hesadevilspike (Drogyn!) for the drabbles and fic. I have an embarassment of riches.

If I've left anyone out, I will get back to you - my lunch break isn't long enough!

I've done my own drabble. Illyria again:

Mourning Glory by Bogwitch

In the Demon Age, Illyria shone, her light brighter than a thousand suns. Glory was everything; supremacy was absolute. She was hard and strong, feared and adored, worshiped and hated. Many tried to destroy her, many perished.

The world is no less turbulent now than she remembers. War still rages, empires still rise and fall, blood is still spilt in the pursuit of power and wealth. Death stalks. Yet the Age of Men remains her prison. She’s diminished; pushed into a mortal’s shell. Her eternal life will be no more.

She’ll die here and this time no one will remember.

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I have no idea why [ profile] mommanerd asked for Illyria in a public restroom (I'm imagining a stampede of citizens running for the hills if that happened), but wrote it I did (through not a public restroom as such, more one of Wolfram and Hart's. You might get a client or two).

This one has some dark themes and is tentacle free...

Bloodbath (Illyria ficlet) )

Thanks to [ profile] sexymermaid for giving me the cherry on top. ;)
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The muse is on a roll now, in the wrong direction, but never mind.

This is a treat for those of you who read Twelve Days and wanted some Willow/Illyria:

Cut for Femmeslash. Whoo! (not especially graphic)

Electrical Phenomena (Willow/Illyria) )

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I have terrible writer's block so in an attempt to get going again, I have a quick drabble for you. I can't seem to think of a title for this one. I'm going to regret saying that, I'm sure.

Let's Do Lunch by Bogwitch
(AtS, Season five, Spike and Illyria, gatecrashing a client buffet)

“This body requires sustenance,” Illyria ordered. “I was sent here.”

Spike waved a hand at the disordered remains of the Wolfram and Hart buffet, while appropriating the plate of spicy wings for himself. "It’s all yours."

“What are those?”

“Boiled eggs, Pet.” He dropped one egg into her palm.

Illyria looked at it curiously, her blue eyes staring at the thing he’d given her. "I will not eat the ovulation of such low creatures."

It felt smooth, strangely heavy in her hand. Almost perfect in slippery symmetry, it shined wetly, but felt dry like an eyeball…

“Perhaps they will do.”

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Here is Part Two of the tentacle baby fic.

Sequel to Succour, which can be found here & here.

That's to [ profile] calove for the beta, although that was yesterday and this has grown a bit since then, so mistakes are my fault.

Part one

Sucker Part Two )

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I have been drabbling for [ profile] spillyria's drabble challenge this week. The theme is, appropriately, 'tentacles'! Woo!

As I'm working on a sequel to Succour, I tried a different approach to the subject:

From Dinner to Dust? – Bogwitch*

Spike dodged the grabbing grip of the tentacles that reached out for him.

“Illyria!” He reached for where he thought she stood, not taking his eyes off the demon. “The axe!”

Illyria didn’t reply, and no axe was forthcoming. Spike was caught around the ankle and a mighty tug pulled him off his feet, dragging him towards a wide maw, slobbering with noxious dribble in anticipation of its dinner.

He scrabbled for leverage to fight the creature off. “Illyria!’

Suddenly, the tentacle slackened its noose and he was released. Illyria stood over him. “I asked our son to release you.”

*With slight adjustment at [ profile] samson28's suggestion.

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After the last two weeks of manic posting in a million places, I've come back to earth with a bump. What am I going to do with myself?

Oh, yeah. WIP.

As my headspace is still all things Illyria, I thought I'd get that Tangly!Illyria plot bunny [ profile] soundingsea put there, out of my head first with a drabble. It's been a while and I thought I'd offer it to [ profile] kallysten's 2005 drabble challenge.:

A bit sexy, a bit influenced by Kafka:

Cobalt )

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Despite the aching sickness, Oh! *dramatic raises hand to fevered brow*

I have been able to finish off this drabble.

Divided – Bogwitch
(AtS, Season 5, Spike/Illyria)

When she’s like this, he can’t help but be drawn to her. Her fists lash, her kicks pound. He’s stretched at the top of his form and she’s barely making an effort to repel him. He’s always had a weakness for these powerful women that pull him into their web, even as they clash.

With the fight, comes the passion and with that… Well, Buffy could tell you a thing about that.

But when he looks at Illyria, really looks, he only sees Fred. And he’s revolted by those eyes with the dead stare, windows to a soul no more.

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There's a whole host of callenges over at [ profile] spillyria. I've done a drabble for the Leather Drabble Challenge.

Bloodstained Leather – Bogwitch
(Spike/Illyria. Season Five AtS. Two killers have something in common)

“You wear dead animal hide to cover your flesh.”
Spike frowned, “You mean the coat?”
Illyria circles him, pale eyes unblinking, a glassy stare. “It reeks of death. I cannot endure it.”
“Yeah, sorry ‘bout that.”
“You have taken many lives. The screams of each soul echo through its stitches. They call to me. They invigorate me, but it’s too much in this barren existence.”
“What about you then? What’s with the lobster look?”
Her head inclines mechanically, “I wear the skins of thousands of my closest devotees.”
“I’d hate to see what you do to someone you don’t like.”

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