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I have to confess I'm finding this whole birthday thing a bit meh these days.

Perhaps it's because nothing really happens on them anymore not because I am getting so old; I had presents last Sunday (a toaster! a clock! Ah adulthood) and I am going out to dinner tomorrow. And yes, I visited my friend tonight and she treated me to a takeaway, but that's our usual Saturday night transplanted to a Friday. I even went to the shop to buy a cake for afternoon off indulgence, but came out with some Bakewell Tarts and a packet of Wotsits.

Still, life could be a lot worse. Mustn'y grumble.
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Google gives you a personalised birthday doodle! I suppose everyone already knew that but it surprised me!

In less good news, guess what else has a birthday today? My WIP! Working My Way Back to You is 10!!!!!!!!

I will finish it, I will!
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Thanks everyone for my birthday wishes.

It's been a bit of a week, what with the snow and whatnot. I can't quite grasp the concept of being forty(!!). It's not really possible for me to be that old, so I can't get upset about it - even if work made every effort they could to remind me of it.

Everyone in RL has been far more excited about it than myself, as my main concern was what would be the first song I would hear in my fourth decade (Candyman by Siouxsie and the Banshees in the end). Still I went out to lunch with work and my friend cooked me a dinner (last Saturday), plus my mum organised a buffet on Sunday (that I had to cook in the end) with a big cake.

pic under cut )

I also got my desk decorated:

pic under cut )

I got an eclectic range of presents:

A new laptop! (which I've had two months)
£60 from the girls at work
2 CDs and a DVD
Some fruity smellies
A mug and coaster celebrating the occasion (as if)
One of those jumbo pens that writes in different colours.
2 cupcakes
Bath confetti
A bottle of Amaretto and a losing scratchcard :(
Some bubbles to blow (the cat is delighted)

ETA: edited for pictures
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Hee. I bet there aren’t many girls that get a Stanley knife and a book about fonts for their birthday! (It is a good, funny, book though (‘Just My Type’ by Simon Garfield. Check it - as the youngsters say) and I will use the knife eventually for some project or other). Anyway later I shall be off to Wagamamas for some top grub.

Speaking of projects, the end of last week was mega-productive creatively (see my post later for the gob-smacking details and some grovelling). Not only have I managed to pull my writing fingers out at last, I even managed to make some Barbie clothes. (What? Me sewing? Surely not! Though calling what I did ‘sewing’ is vastly over-stating what actually happened, please don’t look too closely at the ‘stitching’, which my dad lovingly compared to field surgery).

Anyway, I made a laced corset thing which I am considering a first draft at the moment as it needs some refining, an unremarkable black tube skirt/little black dress combo and an evening gown that I am amazed doesn’t look too shabby!


Haute Couture from the Bogwitch fashion house under the cut )


Jan. 23rd, 2011 03:14 pm
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It's my birthday! I got a sofa! Okay, I had to buy the other sofa so they would both match and now I'm very, very skint, but hey, free sofa!



Jan. 23rd, 2011 03:14 pm
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It's my birthday! I got a sofa! Okay, I had to buy the other sofa so they would both match and now I'm very, very skint, but hey, free sofa!

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It's been an okay birthday, i suppose. It's doesn't really feel like a birthday unless there's presents. I get those tomorrow.

Still, I went to see Avatar with the full 3D experience and really liked it, even if it's ultra predictable, but I don't think I've ever cried so much at a film! I really must be getting old.

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First the Thank You's.

Thanks to everyone who wished me Happy Birthday yesterday. I find all the attention slightly embarrassing, but it's still nice to see people are thinking of you.

Big Thanks also go to [ profile] romanyg for User pics (I shall abuse them well), [ profile] lillianmorgan for three months LJ time, [ profile] the_royal_anna for the Birthday Illyria pic (hee) and to [ profile] sanda56 for the e-card!

[ profile] speakr2customrs wrote an alarming tentacle drabble and dedicated to me.

So where was I all day?

After presents from my parents (Got my Locas book! and other beautiful objects), I made my way to Islington to meet [ profile] calove, [ profile] gamiila and [ profile] hesadevil for lunch.

Chat and more presents! :) Thanks guys. [ profile] calove and [ profile] gamiila raided the Sanrio shop at Bluewater. [ profile] calove's customised vampire Hello Kitty is now lurking around my desk looking for victims. [ profile] hesadevil gave me an a nice Discworld Almanac for the loo.

We all then proceeded past the shops, where [ profile] gamiila got a fantastic bargain on a pair of fluffy boots, to the Embankment. Which was $%@*#£ freezing. The IMAX cinema had a picture with a tentacle on it.


We went to see Ian Mckellan in Aladdin. I'm not sure I can really fully explain the spectacle of IK as Widow Twanky dressed in an Abba catsuit, but I can definitely say it was amusing. It was a great production and we all thoroughly enjoyed it. More tentacles were spotted on stage, as on the the side of the Chinese Take Away set was a pic of an octopus and a squid. They obviously knew I was coming.

It was a long day, and I am still knackered now, but it was a good birthday.
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Even though my birthday isn't until Sunday, I got my first present yesterday, and very nice it is too.

So a big thank you to [ profile] elisi for the excellent sketch of Puppet!Angel (after the visit to Nina. Hee!), it'll be heading wallwards very soon. I'll take a pic of it once I find my camera.

[ profile] elisi also sent me this bonus Spillyria sketch which made me squee:

Isn't it wonderful? That fully encapulates my current mood! [ profile] elisi, I very jealous of your drawing skillz.

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Thanks to everyone who wished me Happy Birthday yesterday and all those who commented on my Chapter One, glad people enjoyed it. I'm a bit behind answering, but I'll get to that today.

My day wasn't bad. I spent the morning in bed and then made some web pages. I then went to collect my booty see my mum. I got some very nice things. I went out in the evening to a local restaurant which used to be a posh English food place. It's now a Curry House. Nice, but slightly annoying as the three other restaurants in the village are all Indian.

I love Indian, but it doesn't love me. By 1 in the morning I was bringing it all back up again. Ugh.
At least it helps the diet!

Not only this, I'm now apparently gay.

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