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What is this?

I wrote a fic last week for the [ profile] sb_fag_ends' Fifth Anniversary Comment Party!

The Real Thingby Bogwitch
Word Count: 2282
Rating: 12A
Pairing: Spike/Buffy
Spoilers: BtVS, Season 6 Post-As You Were, but casually ignores canon
Summary: Spike is about to give Buffy the shock of her life, but why isn't he talking?
Authors Note: Prompt: Vampire Robot. That’s just going to have to be Spike, isn’t it?

The Real Thing )


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More clean up. This is my other [ profile] sb_fag_ends Halloween post (that has naff all to do with Halloween).

Prompt: Afterlife in the Fast Lane

Wallpaper: 1680x1050 only
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I post so much [ profile] sb_fag_ends I forget that I have my own journal and my fic should be posted there!

Reposting my Halloween Challenge fic.

Title: Trading Faces
Author: Bogwitch
Word Count: 1574
Rating: PG
Spoilers: BtVS Season 5, AU past-Crush
Summary: They’ve shared something; and it was good.
Authors Note: For the prompt: Trading Faces. This is the full version

Trading Faces )
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I did a couple of Barbie scenes to illustrate prompts at [ profile] sb_fag_ends this month and I wanted to bring them over here.

Further evidence to my madness under the cut )
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Back to this nonsense. I have several of these to post.

First up[ profile] hesadevil wanted Angel and Spike's fight from Destiny.

I found this a bit tricky, to be honest. The scene is very dark and there's no one 'iconic' pose with both of them, so I've gone for a sort of mash up of the events.

Pic under the cut... )

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Today was my [ profile] seasonal_spuffy day!

I had two short fics this time:

Daddy's Girl Spike and Buffy at his daughter's wedding (not quite what you're thinking!)

and a last minute addition:

Mixed Up Spike makes Buffy a mixtape.

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Today was my [ profile] seasonal_spuffy day!

I had two short fics this time:

Daddy's Girl Spike and Buffy at his daughter's wedding (not quite what you're thinking!)

and a last minute addition:

Mixed Up Spike makes Buffy a mixtape.

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It was [ profile] hils's 30th birthday yesterday so I got my finger out and finished the fic based on her prompt.

Title: Divine Interruption
Author: Bogwitch
Word Count: 1608
Pairings:/Characters: Spike, Castiel. Gen.
Summary: Supernatural/Buffy the Vampire Slayer Crossover. Post Sympathy for the Devil/Post Chosen (Post Never Fade Away). Spike’s unlife gets a divine interruption from the angel of a rather atheist apocalypse.
Author’s Note: Written for [ profile] hils, who gave me a prompt: ‘Spike meets Castiel’. Not a lot of Supernatural knowledge is required, only that the end is nigh.
Thanks to [ profile] myfeetshowit for her beta work again.
Warnings: A bit of mild swearing as is Spike's wont. He's not going to curb his tongue even for an angel.

Divine Interruption )

That leaves one more prompt left to complete - the one I'm struggling with, of course.

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Anyone see this today on Yahoo UK & Ireland?

Yep, my mind went straight there…

Ficlet: Tellin’ Porkies )

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This is my [ profile] writerconuk Banner Challenge 2007 fic. No, that isn't not a typo.

Title: Fade to Black
Warnings: Some?
Pairing: Spike/Drusilla/Other
Summary: Spike. Drusilla. Goth club. Early 1980's sometime.
A/N: I'm aware this is not 100% accurate. Thanks go to [ profile] myfeetshowit and Siouxie Sioux.

Fade to Black )

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I was raking through an old file of writing scraps and found a few Spike bits that will probably never find their place in a longer fic now.

As I still like them, I might develop a couple into ficlets, despite the lack of encouragement.

This is the first, which I have played with as a writing exercise, which is why it's unbetad. I thought I'd better post it in case we all get sucked into a black hole tomorrow.

Title: Open Wide
Warnings: None. A little bleak maybe.
Character: Spike
Summary: Spike returns

Open Wide )

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Months of tinkering and I think I can finally let go:

Working My Way Back To You

No characters were harmed in the making of this fic. They do not belong to me, but are the property of Fox Entertainment and Mutant Enemy.

Summary: Spike/Buffy. Post-Chosen, Post Hellbound. What did you think the First Evil was doing after the closure of the Hellmouth? Knitting evil jumpers?

Thanks to [ profile] myfeetshowit for her beta work yet again.

Working My Way Back to You - Chapter Twenty-Four - Icarus )

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Yesterday was my [ profile] seasonal_spuffy day. For those you not participating in the fun over there, here's what I managed to rustle up (after much panic):

Inertia by Bogwitch
(Seven Seven BtVS, Post-End of Days)
Hope can wound with vicious claws.

Inertia )

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No, before you ask, this is not about breasts.

Whilst brainstorming some ideas for [ profile] frimfram's possible Seaside Ficathon, a drabble plopped out...


Knockers are Cornish minespirits, which are said to knock at the richest lodes. The knockers were mainly benevolent, but if ignored and neglected they could turn malicious.*

*Mine are the malicious type. :D

The Knockers by Bogwitch
(Spike/Drusilla. BtVS, Pre-series some-when. They take shelter in a Cornish tin mine...)

Knock, Knock

Spike would ask ‘who’s there?’ if this was a joke.

Drusilla giggles, but she’s used to hearing the voices. “Hear that, my love? They call to us.”

Knock, Knock

Those sounds again, deep underground – knocks echo down shafts like distant drums, muffled voices mutter wicked things over his shoulder…

…Go deeper… Lose yourself… Come closer… Don’t hide…

“They call us to the Cornish tin. Want us to die in the mine. They don’t know we’re already dead,” Drusilla whispers. “But it’s iron we want. Blood and flesh and death.”

Right now, Spike would settle for a stiff drink.

We're also drumming up support for a UK Writercon. Go to [ profile] writerconuk to support it/get involved!

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Feeling a bit down today, so I finished off yet another wallpaper (my 20th! not including the House of Flying Daggers and Hex ones I don't know what to do with):

*Brushes by [ profile] _iconsbyrovie and myself.

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I was rooting round my HD today and found this bit of nonsense I wrote for [ profile] sueworld2003. This is very silly, and really bad:

Animal Magnetism Spike/Badger - you have been warned!All badgers were used in this fic with their consent. )
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I have terrible writer's block so in an attempt to get going again, I have a quick drabble for you. I can't seem to think of a title for this one. I'm going to regret saying that, I'm sure.

Let's Do Lunch by Bogwitch
(AtS, Season five, Spike and Illyria, gatecrashing a client buffet)

“This body requires sustenance,” Illyria ordered. “I was sent here.”

Spike waved a hand at the disordered remains of the Wolfram and Hart buffet, while appropriating the plate of spicy wings for himself. "It’s all yours."

“What are those?”

“Boiled eggs, Pet.” He dropped one egg into her palm.

Illyria looked at it curiously, her blue eyes staring at the thing he’d given her. "I will not eat the ovulation of such low creatures."

It felt smooth, strangely heavy in her hand. Almost perfect in slippery symmetry, it shined wetly, but felt dry like an eyeball…

“Perhaps they will do.”

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I'm coming to the conclusion that my muse is a little barmy.

Today I present a BtVS/Time Team crossover, all due to a dream starring Carenza Lewis and a discussion with [ profile] deborahmm.

I suspect this is meaningless to half my friends list, but you just need to know archaeology is a spectator sport in Britain.

Ficlet: Time Team Special )

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I made a little companion pic to go with my stories Succour and Sucker...

Hardcore prawn under the cut )

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Here is Part Two of the tentacle baby fic.

Sequel to Succour, which can be found here & here.

That's to [ profile] calove for the beta, although that was yesterday and this has grown a bit since then, so mistakes are my fault.

Part one

Sucker Part Two )


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