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It's finally over.

I'm creatively burnt out. I'll take a couple of days to rest, then it's back to the poor WIP.

It feels like I've been doing this forever and I think it nearly killed me - I'm not used to writing to much in so short a time anymore - but it's here, the last part of Twelve Days. As with yesterday, I am the writer, but [ profile] calove wrote the end.

** Anyone who had difficulty with yesterday's link. It has been fixed.

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Almost at the end of Twelve Days now. [ profile] hesadevil gave us Angel and Connor yesterday with the myth of Black Peter. Today we see the most important person to Spike:


Now I have to go and write it...
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Yesterday's Twelve Days chapter was mine! Bet you all wondered where all my chapters had got to. Well, they all got stacked towards the back somehow, I've got more to come.

But first we off to see what the poof was up to on Christmas Eve...

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Part 8 of Twelve Days is up. [ profile] hesadevil provided us with New Year fun yesterday with a trip to Lorne's New Year Bash, today New Year takes on a more sombre mood.

Speaking of which, I think the mood of this chapter (and, to some extent, tomorrow's too) makes this an excellent time to dedicate this chapter to the victims of the Sumartran earthquake and tsunami.

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[ profile] calove and Anya gave us the cost of Christmas yesterday, today is party time in Twelve Days! Who on earth could this chapter centre on?

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Of course, [ profile] calove wrote yesterday's Twelve Days installment. With Ilona as a guest star, who else could it have been?

There's no surprises for guessing who wrote today's part either, for it is the debut of my Cordelia chapter that I struggled so much with . Don't laugh too hard at it:

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[ profile] hesadevil did a fantastic job yesterday with her look at William and his mother. Todays events in Twelve Days are a little darker...

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Hi all

Hope you are having a good day. I'll probably do a proper post after lunch... Mmmm I can smell the Yorkshire Puds...

I suppose it's clear by now that yesterday's dynamic Prologue to Twelve Days was written by myself.

Today's installment is now up and I pass the baton over to one of my co-writers...

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I’ve been dropping hints, but now it’s finally time to reveal what [ profile] calove, [ profile] hesadevil and I have been up to for the last month - and what's been making me tear my hair out for the last couple of weeks.

It’s a fic!

Illyria goes on a journey through the Twelve Days of Christmas with a reluctant Spike in tow.
Disclaimer: We owe it all to Joss & ME
Pairing: Spike/Buffy and hints for others
Rating: Pretty tame, but some swearing and some mild sexual situations.
People in need of a good thanking (for varying degrees of assisstance):
[ profile] estepheia, [ profile] soundingsea, [ profile] vegmb, [ profile] mistraltoes, [ profile] lillianmorgan,
[ profile] vampry, [ profile] desoto_hia873, [ profile] speakr2customrs, [ profile] mskakaako.

The aim is to post a chapter per day over the Christmas holiday until we get to Twelfth Night. So here's the first part:

Twelve Days - Prologue

Have a Very Merry Christmas everyone.


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